Van Gogh's Regret

Although I am artist I have always loved the classical music. One day I was discussing with Gauguin , I was very angry, I couldn’t control myself and I tried to attack him with a knife but, in the last moment I regret. The consecuences turned very bad, I cut my own ear. In that moment, I dindn´t think I was furious and I realised later. Everyone would think I got crazy but they don´t realise that they would do the same in my situation. From this moment, I couldn´t enjoy the music like I always did. When I go to classical concerts I have to pay much more attention and I have to turn my head for listening better. People look at me strange, but this is the only way for me to listening the music.

By Elisabet Layla

A Singer's Regret

If only I didn't drive to the car later of had gone to the concert. I wish I hadn't died the traffic accident, because I was pregrant. I wish I hadn't killed one musician in my car that night. If only I hadn't gone to my village my baby and me wasn't die. I wish my baby had borned and I had been young; I had twenty sevent years when this event happened. I had a success.

By Miriam Martinez

Steve Jobs's Regret

Hello, my name is Steve Jobs, I am very furious. If only I and my friend Steven Wosniak haven’t invented the computer, now we wouldn’t have so many problems. I'm tired of people coming to asking me:
- How do I fix my computer?
- Did you try to switch on?
- No.
- Uff ... So, it would be a good idea.
The worst thing is my daughter; she doesn’t study anything, and spent happy hours with msn. And that which I say that I will be punished with she isn’t going to the village, but it gives equal.

By Eugenio Luque

Zidane's Regret

I Wish I hadn't hit Materazzi with my head. If I hadn't done it I wouldn't have done the comunity service. I have listened to Vieira, he said me:
- "Don't do it. Zidane, don't do it"
But I haven't listened him. My wife was so furious with me.

By Juan Rodriguez

Alexander Graham Bell's Regrets

I realised that I shouldn’t have invented the phone. Now I wish I haven’t made it
When I was younger, I started an investigation for creating something that could connect people easier and faster.
But the result for me, wasn´t like I expected because my mother-in-law phoned me everyday, everynight and everymoment to ask me stupid things and I couldn’t stand this!
And thank goodness that my mother and my wife are deaf because, if not, they always would be disturbing me.

By Sarai Diaz

David Reeves's Regret

David Reeves (director of sony corporation) said:
I wish I had not invented the playstation for my son to play this all day. I wish I had not invented the playstation, games that are very bad because invent games that are not as sold unless there is a film of that game has been very good. Hopefully the games are not so expensive for people to buy original and not pirated to earn more money, but only so that we do is we go into crisis. Hopefully the children to study more and not all day playing the playstation because if this company goes down the drain.

By Ruben Moreno

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